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Demo. Atba'a Al-Namrood (2008)
Full Length. Astfhl Al Tha'r (2009)
Full Length. Estorat Taghoot (2010)
Full Length. Kitab Al Awthan (2012)
EP. Jaish Al-Namrood. (2013)
Full Length. Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq (2014)
Vinyl. Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq (2014)
7". Ana Al Tughian (2015)
Full Length. Diaji Al Joor (2015)
Split. Tajer Al Punqia (2016)
Oriental Black Metal
Country: Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

Band Info:

Humbaba: Vocals
Ostron: Keyboard, and Percussion
Mephisto: Guitar, Bass, Percussion

Band Bio:  The name Al-Namrood (the non-beleiver) is derived from an ancient historical tyrant. He was a man who exuded power and used it to stop the infiltration of God in the land he reigned over. Al-Namrood who hail from the land of the East are growing their empire of revolt with the newest leader Humbaba leading the way.

Atbaa Al-Namrood was met with mixed appraisal but Al-Namrood returned in 2009 to deliver a one-of-a-kind full length Astfhl Al Tha'r lead by Mukaders extreme vocals. After a change in line-up Estorat Taghoot was released in 2010.

In early 2012 Kitab Al Awthan was released.

Followed by a 5 year anniversary with remastered tracks from previous albums; CD EP limited to 250 in box with embellished Al-Namrood logo with accompanying artwork. Jaish Al-Namrood was released in 2013.

2014 took Al-Namrood to new heights with a first ever vinyl release of their full length Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq which was also released on CD and accompanying shirt art. Humbaba took the throne to preach his angered rants and psychotic fervor.

2015 is the continuation of his march to revolt against an empire of believers. Ana Al Tughian sees Humaba return once more in his lune state of disassociation from reality.

The Horn

Full Length. Volume 10 (2012)
Egyptian Ambient/Black Metal

Future and past releases available for download at:
Horn Bandcamp

Band Info:

Band Bio:  The Horn is a solo project by obscure Australian misanthrope, a Demon Sheen who is dedicated to setting every one of the spells of the ancient Egyptian spells of living and dying to music. The atmospheres he creates for these ancient spells range from bleakness drenched dark ambient rituals to Egyptian influenced black metal scorn to what he dubs "occult spacemetal". As a true Chaos - Magician he refuses to be limted by superficial notions of genre  and revels in the alchemy of creating music that exists between the currently established norms - and as such has garnered reviews of such scorn and hatred he has become, in his own words, "the most hated band in the world". But ofcourse to a chaos magician the negative energy only makes him more powerful. 

As the project is dedicated to the ancient spells of Old Egypt, there are no new lyrics written by the Horn; rather every track uses scribes written over 2000 years ago taken from the English translation by R.O. Faulkner (seen by many as the most accurate at translating the ancient books). Thus his spells are given numbers rather than names and can often have descriptions longer than themselves. Since 1997 the Horn has produced 9 volumes of spells - but with 189 spells in the Ancient Egyptian Book of living and dying there is little chance of this project running out of material any time soon.

After a delay in pressing this release was moved into 2012.

02012012 saw the release of Volume 10 with 250 CD's pressed.

Ascend into the milky way - behold the restoration of the eye!


2xVinyl Gatefold. The Great Silk Road (2014)

Vinyl. Epos (2015)
Split. Akyr Zaman (2016)
Vinyl. Sary Oy (2017)

Band Info:

Asbath: Drums, Percussion, Folk Instrumentation
Resurgemus: Keyboards, Guitars,
Merkith: Vocals
Ragnar: Guitars
Cerritus: Bass

Darkestrah who now reside in Germany originate from Kyrgyzstan of Central Asia. The music crosses a multiplicity of borders and cultures like an epic journey through the dangerous routes of the Great Silk Road where men have succumbed to their deaths dealing in the trades of transport and exploration. The unknown journey of the Great Silk Road that remains till this day as elusive as centuries before.

The Great Silk Road by Darkestrah was released on CD by Paragon and in limited edition digipack in 2008. The vinyl edition is the first release of Darkestrah on Shaytan Productions; and marks the beginning of their Shamanic journey in hand with the Shaytan.


Vinyl. Exalted Are The Seven Throne Bearers of Ninnkigal.

Esoteric candlelight summoning of the darkest thoughts for the isolated and deserted. To be listened to in the loneliness of the vast desert.

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