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You can find our releases through these labels below

Secret Port Records (Greece)
Eternal Death Records (USA)
Epidemie Records (Czech Republic)
Shiver Records (Belgium)
Salute Records (Sweden
Horror Pain Gore (USA)

Regimental Records (USA)
Red Stream (USA)
Seance Records (Australia)
Moribund (USA)
End Records (USA)
American Line Productions (USA)
Kaosmaster Productions (USA)
Stygian Crypt (Russia)
ATMF (Italy)
Negative Existence (USA)
Orthodox666 (Russia)
Pagan Flames (USA)
Werewolves (Belarus)
Supernal (UK)
Wierd Truth (Japan)
Nekrogoat Heresy (Portugal)
Aural Hypnox (Finland)
Goatowarex (Australia)
Karnstein Records (UK)
Godreah (UK)
Cursed Productions (USA)
Self Mutillation Records
Azermedoth (Mexico)
Asylum (Italy)
Qiyamah (Australia)
Singularity Publishing (Australia)
Eastern Front (Israel)
Assault Rex (Russia)
Ridge Ov Dragon (Russia)
Gardarika (Russia)
Dusktone (Spain)
Naga Productions (Czech Republic)
Zero Budget (Czech Republic)
Underworld Records (USA)
Le Crepuscule Du Soir (France)
Amputated Vein (Mexico)
Legion of Death (France)

On Parole (Slovenia)
Solitude Productions (Russia)
Naturmacht Productions (Germany)
Neverheard Distribution (Hungary)

Dragon Rouge (Occult Membership)


Official Japanese Distribution - Asian Rock Rising

Montreal, Quebec In-Store Distribution
Profusion Metal Store

Open Air Festival - Lithuania
Click image for more details.
July 11-14 2013

Punish The Wicked by Nicholas Morine
Montag Press

An RPG Game "Nights Of The Crusades" by Aetheric Dreams features Al-Namrood music.

Exclusive Distribution of Shining Star Visions

We support our consistent friends by honoring them with the jinn status. They are our unearthly backbones:

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