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I would like to mention that this label was not created on the idea of being "satanic" or being "anti-religious". I created this with the name of Shaytan being utilized to signify the entire East - primarily the Islamic regions which suppress this form of music (known otherwise as black metal).

The name Shaytan implies the devil, or evil. The word is commonly associated with fear.

Shaytan Productions has been in existence since October 2007. We are based out of Toronto Ontario Canada.

The label`s aim was to promote a new approach to black metal and other dark genres with the influence of the East within the music. Al-Namrood and Darkestrah exemplify the labels primary vision; however experimental approaches are highly intriguing like Kalki Avatara, Dhul-Qarnayn, and The Horn.

We are open for interviews, review requests, band proposals, trades, wholesale and the like, all you have to do, is get in touch!

I thank all those that have supported the label, our releases, our shop, and our bands. Looking forward to a great 2013.

And its now 2014... the aims of the label have become clear, as we explore the creative aspects of imagery, visuals, and music. We look forward to the new paths ahead with our first vinyl releases, special edition releases and most of all - a big surprise we will recount in our next 2015 update.

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