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Shaytan Productions
releasing exclusively oriental black metal, and oriental dark ambient.

2008 Releases
Qayamat-01 Atba'a Al-Namrood by Al-Namrood
Qayamat-02 Jilwah by Dhul-Qarnayn

2009 Releases'
Qayamat-03 Mantra For The End of Times by Kalki Avatara
Qayamat-04 Astfhl Al Tha'r by Al-Namrood

2010 Releases
Qayamat-05 Estorat Taghoot by Al-Namrood

2012 Releases
Qayamat-06 Kitab Al-Awthan by Al-Namrood
Qayamat-07 Volume 10 by Horn

2013 Releases
Qayamat-08 Jaish Al-Namrood by Al-Namrood (Special Logo Box)

2014 Releases
Qayamat-09 Heen Yadhar Al Ghsaq by Al-Namrood
Qayamat-10 Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq by Al-Namrood (Vinyl Edition)
Qayamat-11 The Great Silk Road by Darkestrah (2LP Gatefold Edition)

2015 Releases
Qayamat-12 Ana Al Tughian by Al-Namrood (7" Vinyl)
Qayamat-13 Exalted Are The 7 Throne Bearers ... by Equimanthorn (Vinyl)
Qayamat-14 Epos by Darkestrah (Vinyl Edition w/poster)
Qayamat-15 Diaji Aljoor by Al-Namrood
Qayamat-16 Diaji Aljoor by Al-Namrood (Vinyl Edition)

2016 Releases
Qayamat-17 Tajer Al Punqia / Akyr Zaman by Al-Namrood & Darkestrah
Qayamat-18 Sary Oy by Darkestrah (Vinyl Edition)

2017 Releases
Qayamat-19 Enkar by Al-Namrood
Qayamat-20 Enkar by Al-Namrood (Vinyl Edition)

2018 Releases
Qayamat-21 Forgotten Glory by Akvan
Qayamat-22 Ten Years of Resistance by Al-Namrood
Qayamat-23 Ten Years of Resistance by Al-Namrood LP
Qayamat-24 Embrace of Memory by Darkestrah LP

2019 Releases
Qayamat-25 Mirror Of Vibrations by Odious LP
Qayamat-26 Second Sephira Cella by Equiamnthorn LP

Darkestrah - Embrace of Memory LP

Release Date: Reissue TBA 2018

Al-Namrood - Ten Years of Resistance

Release Date: July 20 2018

Track Listing:
1. Estorat Taghoot
2. Fe Al Diaji
3. Hayat Al Khlood
4. Al Jahliyah
5. Endama Tuqsaf Al Rous
6. Asdaa Al Dmar
7. Atbaa Al-Namrood

Limited to 500 CD
Gold Vinyl Edition Limited to 100x with Al-Namrood patch
Black Vinyl Edition limited to 200x

Akvan - Forgotten Glory

Release Date:  March 22 2018

Track Listing:
1. Path to Chaos
2. King ov Kings
3. Realm ov Fire
4. Tabaristan
5. Blood ov Zal
6. Interlude
7. Fire and Steel
8. Legacy
9. IR 655
10. Silence ov Butterflies

Stranger Aeons Review

Al-Namrood - Enkar

Release Date: May 22 2017

Track Listing
1. Nabth
2. Halak
3. Xenophobia
4. Estibdad
5. Efsad
6. Estinzaf
7. Ensaf
8. Egwaa
9. Ezdraa
10. Entiqam

Darkestrah - Sary Oy

Release Date: November 18  2016

Track Listing:
Part I: Sary Oy
Part II: Jashil Oy
Part III: Kysil Oy

**Vinyl Edition, Limited Edition 300**

Al-Namrood / Darkestrah - Tajer Al Punqia / Akyr Zaman

Release Date: March 25 2016

Track Listing:
1. Darkestrah - Akyr Zaman
2. Al-Namrood - Tajer Al Punqia I
3. Al-Namrood - Tajer Al Punqia II

Two of the most unique sounding bands in black metal in a split release. Al-Namrood inspired by Arabian history and Darkestrah by Turkic history. Black metal from either region remains obscure but the two top bands from their respective regions deliver their very best on this MCD. Darkestrah give a 10 minute plus opus recreating Akyr Zaman; Al-Namrood return with a two-part track Tajer Al Punqia.

**CD-only, 500 pressing**

Al-Namrood - Diaji Al Joor

Release Date: November 27 2015
Track Listing
1. Dhaleen
2. Zamjara Alat
3. Hawas Wa Thaur
4. Ejhaph
5. Adghan
6. Ya Le Taasatekum
7. Hayat Al Khezea
8. Ana Al Tughian
9. Alqab Ala Hajar

Al-Namrood follow up to their EP Ana Al Tughian with Diaji Al Joor. King Nimrod bathes in his riches and all that follow him to the ways of divinity in Pagan Arabia.

***Vinyl limited to 300 copies***

Darkestrah - Epos

Release Date: October 31 2015

Track Listing
1. Epos

A long epic one track journey through the mountains and deserts of the forgotten Central Asia. Shamanism and mystical black metal.

**Blue Vinyl**
**Limited to only 300 copies**

Equimanthorn - Exalted Are The 7 Throne Bearers of Ninnkigal

Release Date: August 30 2015
Track Listing
1. Refulgent Splendour
2. When Seven Came Unto The Fundament
3. When Seven Showed Their Faces: Reprise
4. Who Is The Great King?
5. When Five Appeared In Mists And Gathered The First and Seventh
6. Irkalla: To Enter The Great Above and The Depths Below
7. The Submissive Myth Genesis of Mirror Waters Rising

Hypnotic mystic exuberance shadowed by darkness. A re-release of Equimanthorns 2007 album release onto vinyl.

**White Vinyl**
**Limited to only 300 copies**

Al-Namrod - Ana Al Tughian

Release Date: February 13 2015
Arabian Black Metal
Saudi Arabia

Track Listing
1. Zamjara Alat
2. Ana Al Tughian

Namrood seems to have left behind a lineage exemplified by the erratic and senseless journey of Humbaba's continuing theatrical rants. And this is just a prelude of what is to come...

**Vinyl 7", limited to only 300 copies"
*first 50 come with patch*

Darkestrah - The Great Silk Road

Release Date: October 16 2014
Shamanic Black Metal

More info: www.darkestrah.vze.com

Track Listing:
1. The Silk Road
2. Inner Voice
3. Cult Tengri
4. Kara-Oy
5. The Last Step

Telling the tale of the tribal men who embarked on their unfateful journeys succumbing to the unrelenting desert storms, swindlers and piracy. As one of the most ancient and dangerous roads that connect cultures, religions, and people this epic by Darkestrah doesn't fall short of its name "The Great Silk Road".

**Vinyl limited to only 300 copies. 2xLP Gatefold**

Al-Namrood - Heen Yadhar Al Ghsaq

Release Date: January 6 2014
Arabian Black Metal
Saudi Arabia

More info: www.alnamrood.com

Track Listing:
1. Estahalat Al Harb
2. Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq
3. Youm Yukram Al Jaban
4. Bat Al Tha ar Nar Muheja
5. Um Al Qashaam
6. Subat
7. A aj Al Safeeh

 Al-Namrood, the elusive nomadic revolutionaries continue to wage war with their 6th Arabian black metal release Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq. Intoxicating exoticism and intense usage of the Arabian language, one can be dragged into the legion of Al-Namrood.

**first release to be available on vinyl format**

Al-Namrood - Jaish Al-Namrood

Release Date: January 20 2013
Arabian Black Metal
Saudi Arabia

More Info: www.alnamrood.com

Track Listing:
1. Atba'a Al-Namrood
2. A'hd Al Jahliyah
3. Ajsad Dhare'en
4. Entisarat Al Ashawes
5. Naqoos Al Khatar

On the 5th anniversary of their debut release Al-Namrood have remastered their original work flexing their prowess as the leading oriental black metal band to hail from Saudi Arabia. *Limited to only 250 pressings*. Comes housed in a box embellished with the Al-Namrood logo.

The Horn

Volume 10

Black Metal
Limited Edition: 250
Track Listing:
  1. The Portal Opens
  2. Spell 165
  3. Spell 124
  4. Spell 47
  5. Spell 146
  6. Spell 26
  7. Spell 156
  8. Spell 66
  9. The Portal Closes
  10. Book of Dust (Bonus)
  11. Spell 110 (Bonus)
  12. Spell 53 (Bonus)
  13. Spell 93 (Bonus)
  14. Spell 7 (Bonus)

The Demon Sheen, the one man occultist evoking the dead through silent slithers, chants, and mesmerizing Egyptian ambiance. The spells are taken from the Egyptian sacred text "The Book of the Dead".  The first release on Shaytan Productions presented 122012, but only the beginning of the Horn's spells to entrench you within the confines of djinns dark lairs.


Kitab Al-Awthan

Release Date: Jan 20 2012
Catalogue Number: Qayamat-06
Arabian Black Metal
Saudi Arabia
Track Listing:
1. Mirath Al Shar
2. Min Trab Al Jahel
3. Hayat Al Khlood
4. Ashab Al Aika
5. Al Quam, Hakem Al Huroob
6. Kiram Al Mataia
7. Ez Al Mulook
8. Bani La'em
9. Wa Ma Kan Lil Sufha Entisar

Rising from the desert sands  where chaos reigns supreme in the midst of revolution. The unchallenged country of Saudi Arabia has withstood this revolutionary change but the battle's are not yet over. Al-Namrood have resurged from their fortress for the next battle. The empire of Al-Namrood has formed and on the desolate fields of the sand on which that land is bestowed they bring you their latest verse. Hymns of past battles and imagery of winds blowing past the high mosques of the holiest Islamic land resonate unlike any other.

Pavillon666 8.5/10
Innoncence Music
Jorzine 7/10
Asian Rock Rising
SicMaggot.Cz 7/10
Metal.De 7/10
Alternative Matter
Metallized.It 8/10
Mortem Zine 8/10
Folk Metaller 9/10
Metal Skunk
A Light That Is Darkness
Spirit of Metal 8/10
Grind On The Road (Italian)
Metal Soundscapes 9/10
Metal-Crypt 8/10
Fobia Zine 7/10
Pagan Dreams Zine
Kronus Mortus 7.5/10
RocknBalls 7.5/10
Infernal Masquerade Magazine 9.1/10
Rock and Metal In My Blood 7/10
Voices From The Darkside
Metal-Observer 7.5/10
Powermetal.de 8/10
VS-Webzine 8/10
Core and Co 8.5/10

Friedhof Magazine 8.5/10
MusikReviews.de 9/15
Metalzine.pl 8/10

Heavy Metal Tribune
Imperiumi 6.5/10



Estorat Taghoot

Release Date: April 1
Catalogue Number: Qayamat-05
Arabian Black Metal
Saudi Arabia

Track Listing:
1. Arousal At Nebuchadnezzar Fortress
2. Junood Al Amjaad
3. Estorat Taghoot
4. Ma Kan Mn AlDahr Mundther
5. Endma Tuqsaf Al Ruoos
6. Ma'dabt Al Audhama
7. Fe Youm Thaqeef
8. Wata'a Bakhtanasar
9. Laylat Ghabra'a
10. Asda' Al Dmar
11. Ajal Babel

The Shahs of Arabian black metal have returned in 2010, growing with vigor is the empire of Al-Namrood.

MetalReviews 8/10
Apochs 10/10
Heavy Metal Cosmos 8.5/10
Mind Over Metal 10/10
MetalTm 8/10
Metal Believe
Azalzal Reviews
Dark World
Passion For Music
Mortem Zine
Sutra's Of Images
Funeral Rain 10/10
Pavillon666 7.5/10
Infernal Masquerade 9/10
Pest Webzine 7/10
Metalizer 5/5
Metal.De 7/10
Friedhof Magazine 8/10
Alternative Musik (German)
Heathen Harvest
Unorthodox Black Metal
One Metal 8/10
TrueMetal (7/10)
Maelstrom Zine 9/10


"Astfhl Al Tha'r"

Released: March 20 2009
Catalogue Number: Qayamat-04
Arabian Black Metal
Country: Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

1. A'hd Al Jahiliyah
2. Ebadt Al Bashar
3. Entesarat Al Ashawes
4. Fe Al Diajee Td'hudh Nafs Rakhisa
5. Fe Zafrat Al Mout
6. Naqoos Alkhatar
7. Ya'jooj Wa Ma'jool
8. Jabaroot Al Shar
9. Seher Aswad
10. Sadam, Ramz Al Btula

Al-Namrood, the despotic kings of pure Arabian black metal have returned from the blistering desert heat with a full-length release. If the demo release was any indication of what was to come for the future of Al-Namrood, this will be captivating. With the Arabian language utilized in a form never heard of before; atmospheric black metal combined with pure Arabian influence; and of course residing in the most strictest of all countries when it comes to religion; this 2009 Al-Namrood unleashing should enthrall. A revolutionary attempt in a country where black metal is absent, and dissent is suppressed. The Shah's of Arabian Black Metal have returned, and spreading the word of the almighty Shaytan.

Kalki Avatara

"Mantra For The End of Times"

Released: January 20 2009
Catalogue Number: Qayamat - 03

Avantgarde Metal
Country: Roma, Italy

EP "Mantra For The End Of Times"
1. Mankind Collapse
2. Ruins of Kali Yuga
3. Purification
4. Awaiting The Golden Age

Kalki Avatara supports the speeding of the end of Kali-Yuga process.
Every vicious and corrupt act is just a step nearer to the rebirth.
Every effort to save the debris of our civilzation is a waste of time.
The righteous shall preserve uncorrupted his virtue, his honour, his solitude, and he shall not conform nor fight evil, but let it act undisturbed.
Kalki will give birth from the ruins to a new mankind.
We are awaiting.


Lords of Metal 7.8/10
Metal.De 7/10
Pitchline Zine
Friedhof Magazine
Metal-Observer 5/10
Metalcrypt 8.5/10
Metal Folk 9/10
Zwaremetalen 2/10
Archaic Magazine
Pavillon666 8/10
Schwermetall 9/13
Apoch 6/10
Shapeless Zine
Funeral Rain 10/10
Infernal Masquerade 8.5/10
Voices From The Darkside
Pit Of The Damned 8/10
Vs-Webzine 7/10

Dhul Qarnayn


Released: October 31 2008
Catalogue Number: Qayamat - 02

Oriental Ritualistic Ambient
Country: Kingdom Of Bahrain

Single "Jilwah"
1. Jilwah (25+ minutes of eastern ritualistic ambient)

From the Kingdom of Bahrain with a culture and history of its own, Dhul-Qarnayn brings forth the ritualism of ancient civilizations with Jilwah. Listenable only for those that are willing to meditate upon the black book of Al-Jilwah, delving into the Ancient Eastern atmospheres.

Sea Of Tranquility 7/10
Heathen Harvest
Lords Of Metal
Evening of Light 6/10
Metal Temple 2/10
Funeral Rain 10/10
Mroczna Strefa 7/10



"Atba'a Al-Namrood"

Released: July 1 2008
Catalogue Number: Qayamat-01
Limited Edition of 1000 Hand Numbered
Oriental/Middle Eastern Black Metal
Country: Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

Demo EP  "Atba'a Al-Namrood"
1. Atba'a Alnamrood
2. Fe Zafrat AlMout
3. Nagoos Alkhatar
4. Youm Tusaar Nar Aljaheem

From The Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, come forth Al-Namrood (the non-believers)  With rageful Arabic vocals and depressive atmosphere. Join the legion of Al-Namrood!

(C) Shaytan Productions